03 9 / 2012

I read a book about the human condition, and it said something very interesting.

Basically - We are all in a competition. Each person fighting to justify their existence and prove how much better than the others they are.

I mean think about, the Olympics (as amazing as they are - are essentially a huge nation wide competition.) Every athlete is compared, they are pitched against each other on a global stage for our entertainment. The X-factor works on the same principle. On a more normal level the perceived value of the job/house/car you have puts you at a certain ranking in the human hierarchy. Beautiful/Talented and rich at the top. Its kinda natural isnt it? In the fight to survive we have to prove ourselves better than our competitors in every aspect… right??

but if this is all true, if we are constantly trying to prove ourselves, constantly trying to win the competition… then what is the big prize at the end? If the whole world turned around and said that you were the opitomy of beauty, the wealthiest, smartest, most athletic person on this planet what then? would you have to defend your title, be on the watch every time a savvy entrepreneur made millions, or a new model burst onto the scene?

We would all like to believe that its enough to just be, the fact that you are human, makes you as valuable as any other human being. But we all know thats not the case. For example: a homeless man, a criminal, a doctor and a baby -  if you had to throw one off the boat so that the others could live, who would it be? Why? Tthere is a heiarchy amongst the group isn’t there? Its so obvious, it comes so naturally to us all to place a value to people, inevitably making some more valuable than others…

To be honest.. I don’t really know… maybe thats the point, maybe life is meant to be complex, the big questions are big because they don’t have easy answers… all I know is the people who are reaching the end of their lives always look back and say none of the things we are competing for are worth it… the elderly look back on their lives and always say to the young dance, sing, laugh and love easily. Because those things have no value, but they mean everything!

I hope the inner musing of a self confessed wild child get you thinking <3